Affirmation Ovals


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2. Demonstrate Supportive Self-Talk
3. Assess Your Client’s Family Of Origin
4. Easy Homework Tools


Product Description

Demonstrate Supportive Self-Talk

Show your clients the affirming messages for each stage of development. Help them develop the language for self-support. Give them to tools to repair and replace damaging internal messages.

Assess Your Client’s Family Of Origin

Identify which healthy messages were communicated and find the essential messages that were neglected. Use the Affirmation Ovals to develop clear supportive self-talk no matter what the client brings from their history.

Easy Homework Tools

This self-reflective activity adds richness to your sessions and gives clients a hands-on tool for exploring early learning outside their sessions. The Affirmation Ovals invite your clients to examine and grow at their own pace.

How To Use The Cards

Ask clients to look at the 68 affirmations and sort them into two piles, a) the messages they received when growing up, and b) the messages that didn’t get communicated.

Explain how if a person didn’t get a particular message they aren’t likely to broadcast that information to their internal world, even though this would be valuable and supportive to their system if they were to believe it. Clients often need to examine the missed messages to see if it would be a helpful belief to incorporate into their current and future life.

By adding these messages, and daring to speak them today, core beliefs can begin to be revamped and re-structured. Help your clients see that holding healthy beliefs about themselves leads to a positive internal atmosphere as well as higher expectations in relationships with others.

This work is not magic. Using the Affirmation Ovals therapeutically requires authentic discourse with self and a willingness to become a wise parent/guide to the inner psychological system. Affirmation Ovals provide a comprehensive list of the essential belief structures necessary to build a healthy view of self.

About Jean Illsley Clarke’s Affirmation Ovals

These easy to use Affirmation Ovals were designed by Jean Illsley Clarke, and discussed in her book, Growing Up Again (Appendix B), co-authored by Connie Dawson. The Affirmation Ovals cover the stages of development, identifying the messages essential for self support. They provide a comprehensive list of healthy belief structures. If these beliefs were not installed by parents, clients are challenged to begin to offer these messages to themselves.

What Others Are Saying

“These ovals are so useful in my work. I ask clients to talk about the messages they missed and how to replace old messages with something healthy. The ovals give me a way of talking to people who are tactile and less verbally expressive. By focusing on one thing/feeling/statement, clients can try the messages on as “practice,” or journal about an oval message, and discuss what they experienced.”
Rosanne M., M.S.W., L.C.S.W
Portland, OR


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