Belief Filter


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Product Description

Here’s a clever way to talk with your clients about their belief and the filters that color their perception of reality.

How It Works

The words, “You are wonderful! You are beautiful enough, rich enough, and smart enough. You are free to choose who you want to be,” are printed on a card. Above this is attached a mylar filter that, when flipped down, covers the writing leaving only the words, “You are a fool. You are inadequate, stupid, a failure, dumb and bad.”

This is a great visual tool for discussing how beliefs alter perception

  • Stop your clients from the damaging effects of misperception
  • Demonstrate how filters alter what is seen
  • Increase client’s awareness of misreading information
  • Help clients see how preconditioned stories may distort vision
  • Keep therapy engaging and active
  • High impact visual lesson adds punch to your sessions


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