Self Esteem Builder


Comes in a decorative bag with 10 bands and 10 instruction sheets.

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2. Put a Powerful Tool in Your Client’s Hands
3. Build Self-Esteem All Day Long
4. Don’t Let Clients Forget What They Are Learning in Therapy


Product Description

 A Tangible Reminder

Give your clients a tangible reminder to check in with themselves. Teach clients that making a compassionate evaluation of their own thoughts, actions, and feelings is the key to high self-esteem. Interrupt their dependence on other’s evaluation and bring their attention to their own appraisal of their life.

Build Self-Esteem All Day Long, Don’t Let Clients Forget What They Are Learning in Therapy

Use the power of frequent intervention and over-learning to bring rapid and positive change. This bracelet will challenge your clients when you’re not there to do it. So often the wisdom acquired in therapy diminishes between sessions. The Self-Esteem Builder is designed to stay with your client long after they’ve left your office.

Tips for Using The Self-Esteem Builder

  • Display the Self-Esteem Builder bracelets in your office as a way to casually bring up the topic of how self-esteem is built and supported. Put them in a decorative basket or bowl on the coffee table.
  • If a client would benefit from experimenting with raising their self-esteem, let them buy, borrow, or have a bracelet.
  • Explain that the bracelet simply asks them to evaluate, many times each day, whether or not they like how they are living. Each time they notice the bracelet they ask themselves, “Do I Like It?”, in response to whatever they are doing, feeling, or thinking.
  • If they like their thoughts, feelings, and actions they can celebrate the success of creating a life which pleases them.
  • If they are not liking their thoughts, feelings, and actions they are encouraged to imagine how they would prefer things to be. They can use this conscious awareness to steer their thoughts, feelings, and actions in the direction they would like to go.

Who Can Use The Self-Esteem Builder

  • Individuals & Families to encourage healthy self-esteem
  • School Counselors, with individuals or groups of students
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Personnel
  • School Administrators
  • Psychologists, Social Workers & Therapists
  • Nurses, Caregivers & Aides
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Clergy, Camp Counselors, Peer Mediators, & Other Professionals Working with Young People

Buy A Bundle

The “Self-Esteem Builder” bracelet comes in packs of 10 for your group.


“Since I don’t usually wear a bracelet, when I put on the Self Esteem Builder it slightly annoys me, just enough to remind me to ask myself “Do I Like It”? The bracelet helps me remember that most things in my life are a choice. If there is something I’m doing that I don’t like I realize I have the power to change it! ” – P.C., Therapy Client


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