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Product Description

Get The Most Out Of The “Things To Know” Cards

Sometimes, having a great tool isn’t enough. Having someone show you HOW to use the tool safely and effectively will help you get the most out of it for years to come. That’s why I created the “Things To Know” Activity Book—to help you get the most out of the “Things To Know” Cards.

30 Engaging Activities

The Activity Book is a comprehensive curriculum guide—a collection of 30 specific activities you can use with any classroom or group you’re working with.

The Activity Book makes it easy to create an engaging dialogue about relationship values. Each of the activities stir personal reflection on the part of the participant and get conversations flowing for learning and self discovery. Every activity will:

  • Bring insight and awareness to dating young adults
  • Teach the necessary skills for choosing healthy partnership
  • Exploring the stages of relationship development

Step-By-Step Instructions For Great Groups

The Activity Book is designed to be easy to use, making your job as a teacher, counselor, or facilitator enjoyable and more effective.

Each Activity is broken down into the following easy-to-follow format:

  • Theme:
  • Objectives:
  • Materials Needed:
  • Summary:
  • Directions:
  • Follow up Activity for the next day

2012 Award Winner

The Association of Educational Publishers awarded the  “Things To Know” Activity Book as the 2012 winner of the Innovation Award.

In order to be considered by the AEP, the “Things To Know” Activity Book had to pass the following criteria:

  • Clearly articulated learning goals and objectives
  • Appropriate grade and reading levels
  • Clearly stated reputable sources
  • Engaging, relevant, and up-to-date content
  • Highly vetted content that is accurate, objective, and reliable
  • Differentiated learning opportunities
  • Standards- and evidence-based lessons/learning aligned with high-quality assessments
  • Well-designed and attractive materials for students, teachers, and other education professionals
  • Adaptable materials for individual learning styles and needs
  • Comprehensive educator guide or instructional support materials

Download A Free Sample

Try the Activity Book for yourself. We’ve provided you Activity #16—Lessons Learned: There Is Value In Going Slow for you to test drive so you can see how it will help change your group. (.pdf format)


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