How To Spot A Bully Activity Book


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2. Get the Most from the “How to Spot a Bully” Card Deck
3. 31 Expanding Activities
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Product Description

Get the Most from the “How to Spot a Bully” Card Deck

After the Bully cards get a conversation going, the Activity Guide will keep people engaged in discussion and learning. Full of playful games to make a challenging topic both fun and educational. You’ll find many ways to use your Bully card deck so you’ll never run out of ideas.

 31 Expanding Activities

The Activity Book provides a comprehensive curriculum guide—a collection of 31 specific activities you can use with any classroom or group. The Activity Guide makes it easy to create and sustain important conversations about bullying behavior and solutions. Participants will increase their understanding of what they can do to eliminate bullying in their community. Every activity will:

  • Bring insight and awareness to the qualities of bullying behavior

  • Teach the necessary skills for standing up against bullying

  • Help the victim, the bystander, and the bully see their part in stopping bullying

Step-By-Step Instructions For Powerful Groups & Presentations

The Activity Book is designed to be easy to use, making your job as a teacher, counselor, or facilitator enjoyable and more effective.

Each Activity is broken down into the following easy-to-follow format:

Materials Needed:
Add on activities to expand a lesson

Download A Free Sample

Try the Activity Book for yourself. We’ve provided you Activity #2—Using the Bully Meter for you to test drive and see how this can enhance your discussions. (Link opens in a new window—.pdf format—94 kb)


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